Montone, Recounting Traditions

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The walled medieval castle-village of Montone, one of the Most Beautiful Villages in Italy, is about 40 km north of Perugia and offers majestic views of the valleys.

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The village has perfectly preserved its medieval look and can be considered an open-air museum that easily immerses tourists in an atmosphere of ancient times.

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The Feast of Donazione della Santa Spina, in August, originates in an age-old tradition. It’s a re-enactment of real life events from 1473, when Count Carlo Fortebraccio, who served as a mercenary for the Republic of Venice and was instrumental in helping Venice drive out the Turks, was awarded a thorn from Christ’s Crown brought back to Venice by the crusaders.


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TIPICO Osteria dei Sensi, Montone

Stumbled across this lovely osteria, which offers really fresh local produce, for a truly Umbrian dining experience!

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